E-Learning Course Focuses on Meaningful Student Learning

The Center for Educational Leadership (CEL) is pleased to announce that our Purposeful Instruction course will be rolled out in several of our current partner districts this fall.

Watch a video preview:

The new course addresses the first critical dimension of CEL’s 5 Dimensions of Teaching and Learning (5D) framework, Purpose, which helps teachers and leaders develop a common language and a shared vision as they undertake the hard work of improving student achievement.

The dimensions of our framework are:   

1.    Purpose: Setting a clear, meaningful course for student learning
2.    Student Engagement: Encouraging substantive and intellectual thinking
3.    Curriculum and Pedagogy: Ensuring that instruction challenges and supports all students
4.    Assessment for Student Learning: Using ongoing assessment to shape and individualize instruction
5.    Classroom Environment and Culture: Creating classrooms that maximize opportunities for learning and engagement

The E-Learning course is designed for schools and districts to use in working together to deepen instructional practice based on the 5D framework. The Purposeful Instruction course includes:

  • Videos of authentic classroom instruction  
  • Short readings from the professional literature about the topic or concept being studied
  • Reflection and writing activities that provide opportunities to think and write about the questions and examples posed in the course 
  • Opportunities for group members to share their thinking with colleagues

The Purposeful Instruction course will be available for general distribution in winter 2012.  Contact your CEL expert consultant to learn more or email us at edlead@u.washington.edu.