Central Office Transformation

Putting All Eyes on the Classroom

Across the country, districts are taking up the critical work of central office change. Their leaders know the focus at headquarters can’t just be on business operations. For every student in a district to succeed, every member of the central office must be focused on improved student learning.
Refocusing a district from business-as-usual to the business of student achievement is a complex, challenging endeavor. CEL is in the vanguard of this movement, guiding districts with a Central Office Transformation (COT) program based on acclaimed research by UW researchers Meredith Honig and Michael Copland, CEL faculty partners.


  • Designing the right transformation strategy for your district, working side-by-side with the superintendent and staff
  • Assessing the readiness of the central office to take on transformation work
  • Developing plans, curriculum, and tools tailored to individual districts
  • Deepening leaders’ understanding of quality teaching using our 5 Dimensions of Teaching and Learning framework
  • Guiding central office leaders in developing school principals’ instructional leadership practice
  • Supporting district leaders with one-on-one coaching in the difficult work of re-culturing, retraining, reorganizing, and refocusing central offices on the business of learning

We can work with small districts or large, tailoring Central Office Transformation to scale. In our current partner districts, student populations range from 600 to 345,000.

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