Summer Leadership Institute

Develop greater expertise in leading for instructional improvement.

Join educators in Seattle at the University of Washington Center for Educational Leadership’s four-day Summer Leadership Institute.

Learn how to assess, align and improve your instructional leadership efforts from the central office to the classroom. Attend one, two or all three strands. Institute strands will focus on:

Strand I - July 9, 2012
Central Office Transformation

Engage with cutting-edge research, hear lessons learned from the field and experience powerful tools designed to help school district central-office leaders provide reciprocal support for improved teaching and learning.  

  • Lessons learned from research and practice.
  • Creating learning-focused partnerships with principals.
  • Providing relevant high-quality service to schools.
  • Leading by teaching: The role of the superintendent.

Strand II - July 10-11, 2012
5 Dimensions of Teaching and Learning Framework and Teacher Evaluation

Learn how to observe and analyze instruction using CEL’s research based instructional framework.  Using CEL’s teacher evaluation rubric, learn how to calibrate your observations and analysis of teaching practice and consider the role of calibration in teacher evaluation.

Topics (July 10):
  • What is an instructional framework, and why is it important?
  • A very brief look at the CEL instructional framework.
  • Equitable classroom practices and the instructional framework.
  • Examining purpose while going deeper into one of the 5 dimensions of effective instruction.
  • Using an inquiry process to observe instruction, analyze data from the observation(s), engage in professional dialogue with the teacher, while giving feedback and providing support.
Topics (July 11):
  • Using teacher evaluation to build instructional expertise.
  • The importance of an instructional framework in the evaluation process.
  • Inter-rater reliability and its importance to the evaluation process.
  • The research behind calibration for rater reliability.
  • Observation, analysis of data, and giving feedback and support to teachers.

Strand III - July 12, 2012
Organizing Professional Development and Providing Feedback for Teacher Learning

Learn how to align your professional development to your district vision for improving instruction and learn how to provide appropriate feedback for teacher learning based on observations.

  • Describing objectively what is happening in a classroom.
  • Analyzing a lesson within the context of grade-level standards and the 5D instructional framework.
  • Coaching conversations that are research-oriented and inquiry-based.
  • Providing feedback based on teachers' learning needs.
  • Strategic professional development and the role of classroom observations.

Why choose the Summer Leadership Institute?

  • Access research-based, field-proven leadership instruction directly from CEL experts.
  • Develop a shared vision and common language for high-quality instruction.
  • Build team or individual capacity quickly through group-based, leadership strands.

Who should attend?

  • School district teams.
  • District and school leaders.
  • Teacher leaders and instructional coaches.

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Program fees: $175/day or $525/all four days through June 22, 2012