AIS Video

This video tells the story of the Academy of International Studies in Woodburn, Oregon as they adopted proficiency-based education during the 2009-10 school year.

It is intended primarily for practitioners who want to learn about proficiency-based education as it is implemented in a small high school as a tool that is useful for their learning.

View the video on Vimeo.

Key Messages of the video

Significantly raising the expertise of classroom teachers results in an immediate and parallel increase in student performance.

  • To implement and sustain that, you need skilled instructional leadership support by principals and districts.
  • The collection of practices that describe proficiency-based education is a powerful vehicle for improving teacher effectiveness and student outcomes.

How the video conveys these messages:

  • Compelling testimony from students and teachers and principal involved in the project on the work they did and the gains they made.
  • Demonstration of the teaching strategies which were used to achieve these gains: with writing as a focus – conferring and mini lessons.
  • Demonstration of the instructional leadership strategies which were used to support the new teaching strategies and build capacity among staff to learn the new practices.
  • Demonstration of the embedded coaching which was invested to cause the changes in teaching practices and instructional leadership practices.

More detail about the video can be found in the Narrative Guide section of this web site.