Reggie D. Jackson

Reggie Jackson
CEL District Leader Fellow

Reggie Jackson currently serves Shelby County Schools, the 25th largest school district in the nation, as Interim Director of School Operations. He received his Master of Education in Special Education from the University of Central Arkansas, and Bachelor of Science in Special Education from the University of Central Arkansas. In addition, he participated in the Center for Urban School Leadership Fellowship, through the University of Memphis in 2007 and the National Superintendent’s Academy in 2018.

Having served the District for almost 20 years, Jackson began his career in education as a special education teacher and department chair. He then transitioned to school leadership as an assistant principal. Later, he served as Principal of Craigmont Middle School. Under his leadership, he utilized diverse student level data to drive instructional programming. The school advanced to receive the State of Tennessee Reward School designations for the 2011-2012 and 2012-2013 school years.

As an advocate for education, equitable funding, teacher leadership, and student voice are just a few of the areas that Jackson strives to impact. He often references his belief that self-reflection is among the highest forms of maturity and he works to serve as a model of reflective practice daily by exposing others to research based best practices in an effort to increase overall effectiveness through collaboration. He believes educators have the responsibility of striving to eliminate barriers to ensure schools have environments that are safe and conducive to effective teaching and learning.

As Interim Director of Schools Operations Jackson collaborates directly with all central office departments in an effort to provide strategic leadership for the development and implementation of efficient programs and procedures that will help guide day-to-day operations of district-managed schools. His work includes providing operational and leadership support to principals in critical aspects of their principalship. He is responsible for the development and implementation of the districtwide academic calendar and the administrators’ protocol and procedure manual. Overall, his work is essential to supporting the operational efficiency of the schools and the district.

During his time as an Instructional Leadership Director, Jackson balanced the roles of principal supervisor and coach. He supported nine to twelve schools which served between 6,000 and 7,500 students. The schools in his cluster had a collective budget of over $25 million within Shelby County Schools. In this role, Jackson helped school principals build instructional leadership teams, access rigorous content, improve instructional practices and make data-driven decisions to improve student outcomes. Under his leadership, six of the nine schools that he supervised improved their student growth scores during the 2017-2018 school year, with four schools receiving the state’s highest growth rating.