5D+™ Stage II Online Training

5D+ Stage II Online Training develops and deepens learners’ knowledge of the 5 Dimensions of Teaching and Learning™ instructional framework, the 5D+ Teacher Evaluation Rubric (Version 2), and the 5D+ Inquiry Cycle. 5D+ Stage I Online Training introduced participants to the Classroom Environment & Culture dimension of the framework and rubric as well as the 5D+ Inquiry Cycle. 5D+ Stage II Online Training provides learners an opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of each of the remaining four dimensions. It provides dimension-specific practice of the formative feedback cycle and practice developing a strengths-based stance. Participants will use tools to support teacher learning within each dimension and identify evidence from classroom observations to outline formative conversations with teachers around their area of focus.


At the conclusion of the course, participants should be able to:

  • Build fluency with the 5D™ framework and 5D+ teacher evaluation rubric within each dimension.
  • Identify the differences between performance levels for each indicator within the rubric.
  • Select specific framework subdimensions and 5D+ rubric indicators to look for during classroom observations, based on individual teacher goals.
  • Script observations descriptively and with specificity.
  • Recognize and manage bias.
  • Analyze observation data.
  • Use rubric indicators to code a scripted observation.
  • Use “noticing” and “wondering” language to help develop a strengths-based stance.
  • Organize thinking in order to prepare for engaging in effective feedback with a teacher.

5D+ Stage II Online Training includes:

  • Individually paced content.
  • Four comprehensive modules with a focus on the Student Engagement, Purpose, Assessment for Student Learning, and Curriculum & Pedagogy dimensions.
  • Downloadable participant learning materials (i.e. readings, sample scripts, the 5D Framework).
  • Practice of observation and analysis of instructional data using classroom video.
  • Course duration of approximately 2.5 hours per module.
  • Reflection and writing activities.

Who should use 5D+ Stage II Online Training?

  • Principals and evaluators of teachers.
  • Teacher leaders.
  • Supervisors of principals.
  • Anyone wanting a refresher of previous 5D and 5D+ training.

Why choose 5D+ Stage II Online Training?

  • Convenient, self-paced online delivery.
  • No travel or away-from-school time, reducing the need for substitutes.
  • Affordable for both small and large districts.
  • Ideal for training staff members quickly and easily.
  • Based on CEL’s expert-led on-site training.


$99 per individual for four months of course access.

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