New and Aspiring Leaders

Among school-related factors, school leadership is second only to teaching in its potential influence on student learning. Instructional leadership is a critical aspect of school leadership. The work of instructional leaders is to ensure that each student receives the highest quality instruction each day. Doing so requires that instructional leaders lead for the improvement of teaching and student learning.

The Center for Educational Leadership offers a year-long training series for new and aspiring leaders during which participants learn the critical aspects of instructional leadership. Participants are provided an opportunity to delve into their own practice, learn from others, apply new skills and receive feedback on their developing practices.

The New and Aspiring Leaders training series teaches the specific skills outlined in the Center’s research-based 4 Dimensions of Instructional Leadership™ framework. The series covers a variety of topics, including:

  • Establishing a results-focused culture of learning in your school.
  • Improving instruction in your school through the use of an inquiry cycle that supports teacher growth.
  • Observing, analyzing, and providing feedback on instruction.
  • Developing an approach to shared leadership in your school that focuses on improved instruction and student learning.
  • Planning for individual and collective professional development that is specific to your teachers’ needs.
  • Allocating resources that equitably support students’ needs.
  • Hiring and retaining teachers who share your school’s vision and mission.

The New and Aspiring Leaders series uses a variety of methods to engage participants in learning and practicing newly developing skills. Participants attend whole group content sessions, participate in walkthroughs in host schools for the purpose of observing, analyzing and developing feedback to teachers, learn how to develop a problem of practice that encompasses the most pressing needs of their schools, set goals, develop and implement action plans, and receive feedback. This work can be customized to both new and aspiring school leaders.