Principal Supervisor Pipeline Services

While most districts recognize the need to provide professional development and training for their current principal supervisors, many neglect the importance of building a long-term and sustainable principal supervisor pipeline. Unless you pay close attention to the recruitment, selection, and retention of principal supervisors, you increase the likelihood of continually having to invest in this position. Furthermore, without an intentional eye towards developing internal talent, districts will continually be forced to conduct external searches for this critical position.

The Center for Educational Leadership helps you invest in the success of your current and future principal supervisors. We are ready with field-tested approaches to work side by side with your leadership team to ensure you are recruiting, selecting and retaining the very best principal supervisors.  We provide a customized line of services to meet your needs.

Coaching Supervisors of Principal Supervisors

CEL serves as strategic partner and job-embedded coach during a 12-month engagement to support the supervisors of principal supervisors in their day-to-day work of developing, evaluating and managing a team of principal supervisors. This coaching service is based upon a self-assessment of skills and typically focuses on how supervisors of principal supervisors can improve the following skills:

  • Observing and providing feedback to principal supervisors.
  • Coaching principal supervisors.
  • Leading effective principal supervisor team meetings.
  • Advocating for principal supervisors across the central office.
  • Directing performance management and change management.
  • Evaluating principal supervisors.

Principal Supervisor Hiring Process

Based upon a set of national standards for principal supervisors, CEL provides customized support to help you in designing the right recruitment and selection process for your principal supervisor job openings.  This line of service includes:

  • Job Description Writing Lab – We work side by side with you to create the right principal supervisor job description for your setting.
  • Recruitment – We help you identify the best recruitment sources for your district size and location.
  • Selection Process – We work with you to develop a series of questions and performance assessments to ensure that your selection process helps identify people with a higher likelihood of success for your district.

Principal Supervisor Pipeline Development

In this line of service, CEL supports your efforts to create an ongoing line of succession for your principal supervisor position.  To do this we provide:

  • Guidance to assist your screening and selection process.
  • Design support to create the training and internship opportunities that best work for your district.
  • Training that prepares candidates to successfully enter the principal supervisor role.

We look forward to discussing how we can best support your efforts at creating a high-performing principal supervisor team.