5D+™ Stage I and Stage II Training

The Center for Educational Leadership offers a two-stage training program designed to help educators develop their understanding of the 5D+™ Rubric for Instructional Growth and Teacher Evaluation and the 5 Dimensions of Teaching and Learning™ (5D™) instructional framework. Participants learn how to effectively use these tools in daily classroom practice. Through this training, teachers, school leaders and district administrators develop a clear understanding of what inquiry-based evaluation looks like and how it will help them improve instructional practice.

Stage I – TWO Days – Overview of Teacher Evaluation

Stage I training focuses on helping participants develop an understanding of how the 5D instructional framework and the 5D+ Rubric connect to inform teaching and learning. Learners will enhance their skills in the use of the inquiry process during teacher evaluation to support teacher growth. Participants begin to develop skills for analyzing instructional practice using rubric indicators connected with a learning-oriented classroom culture, knowledge of content and standards, teaching approaches, and giving feedback to students.

Stage II – Four Days – Dimension-specific Training

During Stage II training, educators will deepen their knowledge and use of the 5D instructional framework and the 5D+ inquiry cycle. Participants will use evidence from classroom observation to outline a conversation about specific instructional goals based on each of the 5 dimensions. Participants will identify supports that principals and teachers need to effectively utilize each of the 5 dimensions in daily classroom practice. Participants analyze rubric indicators connected with knowing students, purposeful instruction, assessing students, differentiation, and student ownership. Participants also learn to assess observation and conversation data that determines a summative score.

Upcoming Training Institutes

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Online Training Options

5D+ Stage I Online Training

5D+ Stage II Online Training