Teacher Evaluation and Feedback with CEL’s 5D+™

Deepen your readiness and expertise to observe and support the continuous growth of teachers.

With CEL’s support, school districts across the nation can access research-based methods and instruments to:

  • Plan and implement a growth-oriented teacher evaluation system focused on high-quality learning.
  • Develop a common language and shared vision for improving teaching and learning using an instructional framework.
  • Analyze and calibrate evaluation ratings across classrooms, schools and districts using an evaluation rubric.
  • Increase the expertise of school leaders to guide and support the professional growth of teachers.

CEL’s nationally recognized faculty, staff, and consultants have expertise that supports schools, districts and states in strengthening instructional leadership to improve student learning. We believe that evaluation goes hand in hand with deepening the expertise of teachers to engage students in high-quality learning while simultaneously increasing the expertise of school leaders to guide and support teachers in this improvement process.

Our nation's redesigned evaluation systems must contribute to and support the formative development of expertise for teachers and instructional leaders. Otherwise the systems will do little to improve the quality of teaching, which will ultimately impact the quality of education for all students.

CEL's services

CEL offers a two-stage program onsite to help educators develop understanding of the 5D+ Teacher Evaluation Rubric and 5 Dimensions of Teaching and LearningTM instructional framework. Participants will develop skills for using the inquiry process to support teacher growth during teacher evaluation.

CEL also offers an online program of support to introduce educators to the 5 Dimensions of Teaching and LearningTM instructional framework, the 5D+ Teacher Evaluation Rubric, and the 5D+ Inquiry Cycle.

CEL provides onsite support to help school and district leaders analyze formative instructional practice data to determine summative instructional practice scores.

Why choose CEL?

  • Research-based and field-proven.
  • 5D™ instructional framework, 5D+™ Rubric and 5D+™ Inquiry Cycle.
  • Comprehensive and customized services that help districts meet their instructional improvement goals.
  • Nationally recognized faculty, staff and consultants from the top-ranked University of Washington.

Learn more

For an overview of the 5D instructional framework and the 5D+ Rubric, watch an archived webinar, recorded June 14, 2012, Getting Started with CEL's 5D+ Teacher Evaluation Rubric. Note: The webinar features version 2 of the rubric, but the processes for getting started also apply to version 3 of the rubric.

5D+ Readiness Assessment: Getting ready for teacher evaluation

Here are some important questions to consider as you lead your district forward to use teacher evaluation to continually improve teaching and learning.

  • Have you established a  steering committee that includes central office leaders, principals and teachers?
  • Have you determined the specific professional development needs for central office leaders, principals and teachers?
  • Does your long- and short-term plan for implementation address the learning needs and human concerns of your staff and stakeholders?
  • Are you executing an intentional communication plan for internal and external audiences that explains how instructional improvements will be enhanced by a common instructional framework and aligned evaluation tool?

Download a free copy of the 5D+ Readiness Assessment, a tool for getting started with teacher evaluation.

Solution Partners

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