Teaching Tune-up Institute

Teaching Tune-up Institute: How to Analyze Impact and Refine Goals

Teachers and principals often take stock of progress and adjust teaching goals moving forward. They may be asking: How are students doing? Are teaching skills improving? Did we reach the goals we set at the start of the school year?

Educators need to answer these questions to ensure they grow their practice and impact student learning.

This one-day workshop supports teachers in analyzing student work and instructional practice data, so that they can decide if they should continue to work on the same goals, set a new goal, or refine the goal they already set. The workshop helps principals and coaches develop processes for supporting teachers with this important analysis.

During the course of the day, participants learn strategies to analyze student learning and teaching data to make informed, data-based decisions on how to refine their instructional work for the rest of the year. Participants leave with a process and tools they can take back to their districts to support others in this reflection, analysis, and goal-setting.


  • Analyze student work from a strengths-based stance.
  • Analyze instructional practice data and look for connections between instruction and student learning.
  • Decide to continue, change, or refine your instructional goal mid-year.

Institute Overview

Learning targets:

  • Learn a replicable process for analyzing the impact of your area of focus (professional goals).

  • Learn a replicable process for determining what your next area of focus will be.

Success criteria:

  • Explain to a colleague a process for analyzing impact and developing an area of focus.
  • Produce a new draft area of focus that:
    • Includes goals for student learning using classroom specific data.
    • Is linked to your school’s/district’s initiatives and professional development.
    • Is tied to your practice based on your instructional framework.


  • Grounding ideas and review
  • Making a work plan
  • Overviewing the process
  • Analyzing impact
  • Determine a focus
  • Reflection and planning


This training is framework-neutral. While we will assume your district has an instructional framework as a vision for powerful instruction, it can be any framework.


"Such a helpful review and built great next steps for our team!"

"I think this will provide a structure for my thinking also focus teachers on using student data in a REAL way."


Email us at edlead@uw.edu or call us at 866-577-8066 to schedule a teaching tune-up institute for your district.