District leadership

Accountability for student achievement starts at the top: district leaders can deeply influence classroom instruction quality. The Center for Educational Leadership helps administrators, principal supervisors and other instructional leaders develop the policies, practices and structures that ensure students succeed.

Any school system set upon improving student achievement needs a shared vision and a common language for understanding and leading high-quality instruction. We provide district leaders with help creating:

  • A district focused on student achievement.
  • A unified vision of high-quality teaching.
  • A common language for improving classroom instruction.
  • Effective principal support systems.
  • Powerful teacher evaluation programs.

Our Services for District Leaders

We use side-by-side coaching and group learning structures with administrators and other central office leaders to help districts:

  • Build the instructional leadership skills of superintendents and other district leaders along with their capacity to lead an instructional improvement agenda.
  • Design frameworks, processes and protocols for the recruitment, hiring, development and retention of new leaders.
  • Build the capacity of principal supervisors to improve principal performance.  
  • Develop collaboration among central office units on supporting principals.
  • Lead in cross-district learning through the design of regional superintendent networks.


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