Our values

At the Center for Educational Leadership, our deep belief in equity inspires everything we do to eliminate the achievement gap. How we work together is further guided by what we value:


People are the core. We believe equity, empowerment, respect, balance and celebration vitalize our most-precious resource.


We nurture inquisitive minds. Curiosity propels us forward in a never-ending pursuit of new ideas and improved ways of working.


Knowledge empowers. As an innovative learning organization, we believe continuous reflection, learning and sharing create brighter outcomes for all.


We are stronger together. Collaboration accelerates performance, and we know that the best work is a product of shared ownership and individual strengths.


Student outcomes are our ultimate measure of success. A sense of urgency drives us to deliver the highest-quality work in service of eliminating educational inequities. 


Our values are a promise. We live our values according to non-negotiable standards of honesty, truth, responsibility, mutual respect and “doing what is right.”