Pivot with 5D+™

Pivot with 5D+ is an electronic teacher observation and evaluation tool based on the University of Washington Center for Educational Leadership's 5 Dimensions of Teaching and Learning™ instructional framework and 5D+™ Teacher Evaluation Rubric. 

This multi-platform, customizable tool created by principals for principals enables administrators to conduct classroom observations, walkthroughs, formative ratings and summative evaluations in a totally mobile and paperless environment through a web-based solution. 

Pivot with 5D+ maintains secure records, generates reports at the teacher, department, grade, school and district levels, and provides users a virtual platform to generate, use and archive preloaded and customized forms.  In addition, users can upload artifacts and other evidence of professional practice.  

The Pivot with 5D+ software was developed jointly by the Center for Educational Leadership and The Michigan Association of Secondary School Principals, and is maintained and supported by Five-Star Technology.

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