School leadership

Principals and other school leaders are reorganizing their time around a high priority: eliminating educational inequities through teaching effectiveness. From teacher evaluation methods to coaching specific instructional leadership skills, we give principals the tools to accelerate student performance and give teachers the support they need.

Specifically, we offer school leaders help in:
  • Creating a common language and culture for improving classroom instruction.
  • Understanding how to measure instructional excellence.
  • Partnering with teachers to grow their practice.
  • Evaluating teaching to improve student outcomes.

Our Services for School Leaders

We use a variety of techniques, including professional learning sessions, classroom walkthroughs, online learning and assessment, and individual and small-group coaching, to help districts:

  • Assess leaders’ ability to observe and analyze instruction.
  • Build school leaders’ expertise in classroom observation, analysis, giving feedback and designing support for instruction.
  • Create strong instructional leadership teams that can help lead for instructional improvement.
  • Address the instructional leadership capacity of leaders and leadership teams in low-performing schools.
  • Build instructional leadership capacity of new and experienced principals, assistant principals, instructional coaches and instructional specialists.
  • Develop leadership programs for aspiring school leaders.
  • Lead the implementation of major initiatives such as higher academic standards and teacher evaluation systems.


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