Teaching effectiveness

Every teacher wants every child to succeed and learn. So what does it take to create great learning experiences? The Center for Educational Leadership works with teachers to identify effective instructional practice, so they can immediately implement those practices into their teaching. We work with principals, assistant principals, content coaches, curriculum specialists, teacher leaders and classroom teachers to identify student-learning opportunities to enhance instruction.

Using research-based methods, our experienced education experts work side-by-side to help teachers:
  1. Identify the key dimensions of effective teaching and learning.
  2. Make immediate changes to classroom practice by receiving coaching and modeling.
  3. Collaborate with principals and other instructional leaders to achieve student goals.

Our Services for Teaching Effectiveness

Our experts use classroom-embedded professional development, content coaching and intensive content-study workshops to help districts:

  • Implement instructional practice shifts, in particular those required by higher academic standards.
  • Deepen subject-matter content knowledge and develop effective classroom practices.
  • Align district frameworks, content standards, grade-level expectations and instructional practices.
  • Enhance the facilitation and coaching skills of teacher leaders, curriculum specialists and those working directly with teachers to improve instructional practice.
  • Use teacher evaluation as a means for observing and analyzing instruction, giving helpful feedback and supporting the professional growth of teachers.


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